Nintendo Targets 10 Million Sales for Nintendo Switch 2 Post-Launch

Nicholas Kevin

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In the realm of gaming, anticipation is growing around the potential release of Nintendo Switch 2, with sales projections setting a lofty goal. Renowned research firm analyst Hiroshi Hayase reveals insider information, indicating that Nintendo has set a target of 10 million unit sales for the Nintendo Switch 2.

The company aims to achieve this ambitious target within the first fiscal year post-launch. Hayase, an analyst from research firm Omdia, predicts that unlike its predecessors, the Nintendo Switch 2 is unlikely to face chip shortages. “Shipment data displays that Nintendo plans to produce over 10 million next-gen consoles in the early fiscal year. Unlike PS5 and XSX/S, which encountered chip shortages upon release, Nintendo is expected to be more readily available in stores,” stated Hayase via his X account on Friday (January 26, 2024).

Reports also suggest that the Switch 2 is likely to debut without an OLED version in 2024. Allegedly, the new OLED version of Nintendo Switch 2 is slated for release next year.

As per Gizmochina, there are rumors suggesting that the Switch 2’s powerhouse will utilize a 5nm or 8nm fabrication system for its chipset.

According to EuroGamer and LaptopMag, expectations for Nintendo Switch 2 include an enhanced screen compared to the first generation. To recall, the Nintendo Switch OLED version boasts a 7-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

This gaming console relies on the NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor and has an internal memory of 64 GB. The company offers a microSDHC or microSDXC slot supporting up to 2 TB.

Anticipation also surrounds the potential upgrade of the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. Rumors suggest that Nintendo may introduce an 8-inch OLED screen (possibly Full HD Plus resolution) with more ergonomic Joy-Con controllers. Various analysts and consultants, including Serkan Toto, predict that Nintendo Switch 2 could debut in the second half of this year.

The latest leaks claim core specifications, including the Nvidia Tegra 239 chipset and 8 GB of RAM. As these details are still speculative, the gaming community eagerly awaits official information from the company regarding the features of Nintendo Switch 2.

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