Discover the Hottest Luxury Getaways of 2024: 6 Must-Visit Hotels and Resorts from Bali to Sumba

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innit lombok

The global tourism industry is making a triumphant comeback after nearly three years of stagnation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In Indonesia, the resurgence of tourism is marked by the influx of visitors and the opening of several new hotels and resorts in prime tourist destinations.

Celestia: Luxury Cruise Ship in the Eastern Indonesian Archipelago

Ever envisioned a traditional pinisi ship with hotel-like rooms? Celestia, a cruise ship inspired by traditional boats, is set to take travelers to the most enchanting waters in Eastern Indonesia, from Alor and Komodo to Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands of Maluku.With a length of 45 meters, Celestia features seven cabins accommodating 14 guests and 17 staff. Built by renowned boat craftsmen in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, acknowledged by UNESCO for their craftsmanship.

Owned by Indonesian fashion designer Jasmine Chong and her brother Jason Tabalujan, the ship promises a unique experience. Guests on this journey will enjoy diving equipment, various activities, water toys, and gourmet meals prepared by a Michelin-starred chef, along with specific beverages and four hours of daily massage therapy. The nightly rental cost is approximately Rp180 million.

Further Hotel, Bali

Opening in April 2024, Further Hotel is curated by the creative duo behind The Slow, a beloved hotel and restaurant in Canggu, Claudio Cuccu, and Martine McGrath. Spread across two nearby locations, the hotel boasts 11 suites featuring a palette of raw brick and warm wood tones. Double rooms start from Rp2.9 million per night.

Cap Karoso, Sumba

Riding the wave of popularity among international travelers, Sumba will welcome another luxury hotel, Cap Karoso. Situated on Karoso Beach, Ate Dalo, Southwest Sumba, this hotel, owned by frequent-traveling French couple, sprawls over six hectares and offers 47 suites and 20 villas. Guests can enjoy breathtaking sunset views, with prices starting from Rp4,650,000 per night for a double room.

Innit Lombok

This mini-resort with seven beachfront “castles” is ingeniously situated on the sandy surface. Designed by Indonesian architects Andra Matin, Gregorius Yolodi, and Maria Rosantina, Innit Lombok features an infinity pool along the beach and a restaurant named Anakampung serving locally sourced fresh cuisine. A stay in a double room starts from Rp4,386,000 per night.

Somewhere Lombok

Perched atop, guests can relish a stunning 360-degree view of the beautiful southern beaches of Lombok. Created by two French-Chinese sisters with a personal connection to the island, located 10 minutes from Kuta Lombok Beach, this hotel offers 20 saltwater pool villas, each with eco-friendly amenities, balconies, and Bluetooth speakers. Guests can enjoy serene activities like snorkeling, diving, and yoga, or adrenaline-pumping ones like surfing, rafting, and paragliding. The price for a double room is Rp4 million per night.

Ta’aktana Labuan Bajo

As Labuan Bajo gains popularity among tourists, Ta’aktana, a Marriott group resort, emerges as a prominent property sprawling over 34,000 square meters. Guests can explore five dining venues, a spa, an Olympic-sized pool, a private beach, and a cruise ship to explore West Flores, nearby islands, and the legendary manta ray diving spots in Komodo National Park.

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